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TN: Budget wines

Florida Jim

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2008 Carpineto, Dodajolo Blanc:

12.5% alcohol; 40% chardonnay, 30% grechetto, 30% sauvignon blanc; fresh and citrusy on the nose with a hint of chardonnay richness; bright, concentrated and not quite of a piece in the mouth with a tart note, good balance and a mouth-watering finish. Integrates with air and becomes smoother. Matches pasta with pesto as well as any wine could. About $10.

2007 Quinta de Ventozelo, Cister de Ribeira:

A white from the Douro made of almost equal parts códega, gouveio, viosinho and rabigato, 13% alcohol; almost clear in color; citrus and limestone aromas; very crisp and a touch bitter in the mouth with bright, precise flavors, good concentration and intensity, excellent balance and a finish that leaves me feeling like I just took a shower. Diane made an asparagus, quinoa, fresh tomato dish and this went with it quite well. A quintessential refresher wine for summer that is better than you bargain for. Buy it by the case. About $8.

2006 Colonial Estate, Semillon Reserve Expatrié:

Well fruited nose with hints of stone and no musk tones; over-ripe but not sugary, pineapple flavors, no musk, solid acidity and nice balance; excellent length. I usually find too much musk in semillon vinted by itself and rarely buy it, but I tasted this in a store and was pleasantly surprised. ‘Bought a bottle to have with a dish of pasta, zucchini and basil in a parmesan cream sauce and found it delicious and a good match. 13.5% alcohol and about $15.


2007 Obvio, Malbec:

Some varietal character, nicely fragrant; solid flavors without any cloying sweetness, a touch of rusticity in the mouth and the overall impression of a wine one step up from a quaffer. 13.5% alcohol and tasty with an assortment of cheese and toasted bread. About $10.

2007 Bodega la Rural, Malbec La Vuelta:

Candied, no varietal character, little apparent structure; a sort of generic processed wine-food. ‘Couldn’t get through a single glass. 13% alcohol and about $8.

Best, Jim


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