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TN: Wow

Florida Jim

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2005 Inman Family, Pinot Noir Olivet Grange Vineyard:

This OGV is not the typical Russian River pinot I am used to – it is delicate, fresh and elegantly textured. The crunchy red fruit and cinnamon/brown spice element is still there but I can tell this has had some whole cluster fermentation and has been handled very gently.

The wine is floral and spicy on the nose; spicy cherry-fruited and so feminine and silky in the mouth with a charming and complex herbal tone that is well integrated, exceptional balance; and it finishes with a crisp, clean note. With a little air in the decanter, it becomes even more of a piece and presents a smooth yet bright overall impression. No evidence of wood anywhere. 13.2% alcohol, screwcap and found in a sale rack for $25. ‘Could cellar short term but is perfect now after a splash decant.

I will go back today and buy what is left; I can’t think of a west coast pinot noir I have enjoyed more.

Best, Jim


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