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Phoenix Asian Markets

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LeeLee in Chandler (Dobson and Warner) is the biggest that I know of in the East Valley. This would be my top recommendation for shopping.

Ranch 99 is the chain from Cali, located in the Chinese Cultural Center at 44th St and the 202. Actually it looks like it changed names to Super Ranch L Market.

There's a new Vietnamese market Mekong Plaza on Dobson between Main and Broadway in Mesa. I haven't been but my Vietnamese friends were pretty excited when it opened recently.

All of these are sufficiently close to the freeways (101, 202, the US60) to get you to Scottsdale in no time.

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Lee Lee's is fantastic. I went for big eye tuna which they didn't have, but they did have sierra fish, yellow croaker, golden sand bass, parrot fish, red snapper, green pargo, gasper goo, milk fish, pompano and all the regulars.

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I know it's too late, but Asiana at the intersection of Union Hills and 43rd Ave is near the I-17 & 101 intersection. It is in a space that used to be a conventional grocery. The owners are Korean and there is a large amount of Korean food there.

They produce Korean baked goods on site, and make several kinds of kimchi.

They give a nod to other countries, with aisles devoted to Japan, China & Vietnam, but, the other big attraction, IMO, is the two aisles of foods from India. I have gotten big bags of chargond gum there, and other botanicals that LeeLee simply does not carry.

They also carry large household appliances such as full sized stoves, and massive rice cookers.

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