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Crowsnest Hwy 3

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Hands down, go-out-of-your-way, the bakery in Greenwood - they have out of your mind crazy butter tarts and fresh breads made in house very day.

An another is the yet to be visited but on good advice... sandwiches at the Petro Can deli in Rock Creek.

If going through Trail, the default answer is the "special" at the Colander - fantastic Italian eatery even though it's kind of "cattle-trough-ish" for volume and ambiance. Everyone still enjoys it.

Good luck,


Brian Misko

House of Q - Competition BBQ


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Yes, the Rock Creek Petro Can makes decent deli sandwiches.

I've been to Cowboy Coffee in Princeton and the coffee was good.

There are a couple of places in Greenwood that do decent stuff ... been a long time for me though since I typically drive through instead of dropping by. Copper Eagle is decent.

Grand Forks has a bunch of interesting places, there's a new pizza joint run by a young chef along the main road there which used to be a Suds IIRC, across from the Shell and High school. A bunch of decent coffee shops too. Rilkoff's has some good offerings i've heard from the in-laws.

There are some places to check out in Christina Lake.

Pick up some fresh fruit, preserves and local items like vinegars etc ... at Keremeos. 20 bucks for 35lbs of Cherries!

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I drive Hwy 3 from Vancouver to Osoyoos often. I wish there was more choices for eats a long the way. I hate being forced to dine on fast food.

If you do make it to grand forks you have to try and find Borscht! My family used to drive to trail to visit our grand parents, and we'd always stop for Borscht along the way. The main spot that served it had a fire and never re opened, but most recently we went to a little diner on the main street and had some out of styrofoam bowls. It's not the typical borscht made from beets. It's tomato based, and insanely good. Otherwise definitely check out the Colander in trail. It's legendary.

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