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John Tesar--Back in Texas

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In 2006, John Tesar was named head chef of Rosewood Mansion at Turtle Creek in Dallas, replacing Dean Fearing. Tesar then oversaw an extensive overhaul and turnaround, creating both a chef's tasting and a chef's table concept for the restaurant and putting in a garden for the restaurant's use. It worked: The Rosewood Mansion was named one of Esquire's Best New Restaurants in 2008, despite being several decades old at that point.

In late January 2009 Tesar abruptly left the Rosewood Mansion. At first vowing to stay in Dallas to launch a concept under his own name, Tesar then took a position as head chef of Fishtail in New York City early in 2009. The restaurant recently received a 1-star review in the New York Times. Tesar claims not to have been at Fishtail yet when the restaurant was reviewed, though there is some dispute to this.

On May 17th, Tesar announced that he has left Fishtail and will be opening his own restaurant, John Tesar's Modern Steak and Sustainable Seafood in the Woodlands.

Peculiar developments to be sure.

Most of this was swiped from D Magazine's Sidedish blog, notably here and here.

Note that the publicist announcement glosses over the Fishtail jaunt.

Original discussions and reviews of the Mansion here.

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