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My Cornish Pasty

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I thought I would share my Cornish pasty making efforts with you.

Turnip, swede, onion and potato very finely sliced. Plenty of salt and pepper


Finely sliced beef skirt, skirt is the traditional beef used in Cornish pasties and gives of a tasty juice when cooked in the pasty.


All the mixture assembled ready for the pastry.


Bought the shortcrust pastry from the local deli shop i hate making pastry.

Pasties assembled ready for the oven – 220 degrees for 40 minutes then down to 170 for a further 20 minutes.



Crimping not my strong point but working on it.

Friday making more - big competition, 60 entries, these hot little beauties are my practise attempt.

Appearing through the steam of a freshly cooked cornish pasty.........




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I topped crimped one of the pasties to see the difference in top and side crimping. I found the top crimping easier though side is the traditional method. I looked at a couple of videos on side crimping this afternoon and will give it another go using some spare bits of pastry.

As an aside i noticed from your posts that you have spent quite a time in the manchester area, from what year did you start dining there and did you ever visit a restaurant on Bridge St called "Truffles"?


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Thanks for that. I occasionally make a pasty and always top crimp - hdant realised side was traditional.

I've lived all my 58 years around the Manchester area. Can't recall a Truffles, I'm afraid. What sort of era are we looking at? I worked in the city centre from 1966 - 1980 but, after that, had quite a few years when I rarely visited.

Good luck with the competition.


John Hartley

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