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Suggestions for Light Lunches (UES and SOHO)


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We'll be doing a lot of things on the upper east side one day during our trip (between about 57th Street and the Metropolitan Museum of Art - going as far east as Conran's). I can't recall ever eating lunch in this area.

We'll be spending another day down in Soho. Our regular "go-to" place in Soho is Balthazar - but it's been a long time since we've been to New York and I am looking for some new ideas.

So I'm looking for 2 lunch places - one in each area.

Main requirement is that we can have a good light meal (because we'll be having substantial dinners). Perhaps a nice salad - plain grilled fish. Second is that my husband doesn't have to wear a jacket. Third - the place should be pleasant (although it doesn't have to be fancy). Fourth - I don't want to eat Chinese or Indian or similar food (too filling). A place like Payard Bistro would be about right - except I haven't read any enthusiastic reviews of the food.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Robyn

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