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Road trip suggestions


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Not sure if we have threads like this, but are there good restaurants along (or not too far off) the way on a road trip from Chicago to Boston?

I am not fond of eating at the chain restaurants and tasteless fried food and have been burned a couple of times when I went to diners where fish and chips was frozen & refried box fish and ruffles potato chips (happened on a road trip to Detroit).

Seems like I will be going across Toledo, Cleveland, Rochester, Buffalo, Albany, Springfield, etc. Please note, I would have 2 toddlers with me as well so classy, sit down fare might be a stretch - especially if I need to keep the journey short.

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Well I wont say its a good "restaurant" but on our way through Toledo last week we stopped at Tony Packos...hot dogs chile etc...because of the M.A.S.H. references... it was a damn tasty hot dog and the chili sauce is quite good (skip the chilimac though)

We also had Wings and Burgers at The Quaker Steak and Lube also not fine dining and its a small chain...but very tasty

Cleveland has some really good food if you dig up the older threads...we went to Lolita and the Velvet Tango (no children involved)


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Bernie`s Dining Depot , 749 James Street , Chicopee, Massachusetts 01020-3915

(Take Exit 5 Mass Pike, Memorial Drive, go north to 2nd Rotary, turn right toward AFBase)


Best known for Prime Rib & Seafood, this is a family theme restaurant. The restaurant focuses on a traditional American menu. Expect the average entrée to cost $10 to $18


Chez Nous , 150 Main St., Lee, MA Tel. 413-243-6397.


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