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Dim Sum in Philly

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Bit out of date, I guess.

We had a regular every-second-Sunday dim sum outing for a while. It died when we ran out of new places to go, and couldn't whip up any enthusiasm for the old ones. My current favorite Chinatown "dim sum" is Dim Sum Garden, which actually does not serve dim sum as such. Those soup dumplings are good enough to cover any number of sins, though.

I'll second Ocean... Whichever of the Ocean Thingies is on 9th St., few doors South of Sang Kee, rather than the one on Race. Can never remember which is which.

Joy Tsin Lau has been pretty dismal for well over a decade, at least whenever I've tried it. But the reason I have tried it is that trustworthy sources keep recommending it. Best guess is that it is inconsistent, or maybe their strength is in stuff I don't usually order.

HK Golden Phoenix is decent, too.

Anyway, good luck, Roger. You'll be a total hero if you unearth a really good dim sum in town.

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I've been to Wokano on 11th & washington a couple of times, they serve dimsum everyday til 3,

Its quite good, they bring around the standards: dumplings, sticky rice etc, and have a menu of "others" some quite adventurous for the western palate (like mine) like duck feet , jellyfish etc. If there is something you want but don't see on the cart they'll get it for you if they have it.

LOVED the sticky rice and chive dumplings and the garlicky steamed spare ribs were amazing. The space if HUGE and bright and there's some sort of entertainment portion featuring "Ktv", not 100% sure what that is but it does involve a stage and a few big screen tvs

They are me new take out fave for dinner as well, always very fresh and yum. Teh Clams with black bean sauce were especially fabulous.

ok have not eaten anything yet today and am considering a walk over for dumplings right now.

"sometimes I comb my hair with a fork" Eloise

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I've definitely enjoyed Wokano, and just for the sake of disagreeing with Capaneus, I've come to prefer Ocean Harbor (on Race) over Ocean City (on 9th).

But I'll also agree with Capaneus, and say that none of them are really thrilling me. They're fine, but like him, I find myself happier with the limited, but excellent, offerings at Dim Sum Garden.

Similarly, I've had some really nice mid-day dumpling-fests at Zhi Wei Guan that approximated what I might have gotten from a parade of dim sum carts. (Although i also feel obliged to mention that there have been some reports of consistency problems there - but I've been lucky!)

Sadly I just don't think there's anyone doing really great traditional dim sum here, but there are some decent places.

"Philadelphia’s premier soup dumpling blogger" - Foobooz


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