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Great Indonesian Ingredient

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A friend brought me back a cube of peanut sauce base from Indonesia, and I was completely blown away by the complex flavors, especially in comparison to any other peanut sauce I've tried. Here's what it says on the label "sambel pecel java rasa maron pedas."

Does anyone know if I can get this exact sauce online somewhere? Google's not helping me out.

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Sambel is the same as sambal, which is a condiment using chili peppers.

Pecel is an Indonesian sauce made with peanuts, typically serve over salad such as Gado Gado.

Maron in Java is a place.

Rasa is a taste, sense feeling.

Pedas is hot.

What you have is a hot, tasty, chili based peanut sauce to be used on a salad made of blanched vegetables that is probably made in Maron, Java.

To actually source it, you will need more information, like who produces it, etc.

I found this sauce which is a pecel peanut sauce but am not sure that it is the same as the one you have.

Try the terms "gado gado" or "pecel" alone in Google to see if you can find your particular sauce.

Nick Reynolds, aka "nickrey"

"The Internet is full of false information." Plato
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Thanks, nickrey, but it's not what you linked to, although I appreciate the translation of what I provided before! The other (miniscule) writing on the label says:

kacang lombok gula garam and something illegible

and maybe, because it's not printed too clearly, blitar jawa timur

and a bunch of numbers

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Abra, how big is this cube? How do you reconstitute it? How much sauce does it make? I'm definitely going to look for this at my local Asian market, which has a rather respectable stock of Indonesian and Malaysian ingredients (as well as a phenomenal selection of Thai/Hmong/Laotian ingredients.

Susan Fahning aka "snowangel"
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Without seeing a picture of the packaging, it is very hard to locate.

Try google images with the search term "sambal pecel" until you see the packaging.

Is it this one?

I picked up a package that looks very much like yours on the weekend. But, it is Satay Powder. It is a 200 gram package and you use 30 grams of the powder to 120 ml of water or coconut milk. This stuff is made by Hyson Food Industries out of Singapore. I realize that Satay Powder is not what you are looking for, but maybe this company has what you are looking for? The listed ingredients are:

peanut, sesame, sugar, dried prawn, chilly (chilli?) salt, coriander, onion, garlic, tumeric, ginger, spices.

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Great idea, nickrey, to search Google images, and I feel like an idiot for not having thought of it myself. However, having waded through 65 pages of images using various combinations of the words on the label, I conclude that it's not there. I guess it's not something I'm going to be able to find online. What I need is a friend on Java!

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