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[Austin] New Chef at Jeffery's Restaurant

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To eat dinner there next week, will offer a report...


Looks interesting, and I'll be interested to hear a full report. We went for Restaurant Week and had some of the dishes on the new menu already. Everything was executed with care and subtlety (indeed, a few dishes were perhaps too subtle).

I have to say our experience was somewhat colored by the tiny portions. I'm normally a quality-over-quantity guy, and I can't remember the last time I had a problem in an Austin restaurant, fine dining or otherwise, but this was ridiculous. If you can't afford to serve an actual meal at the standard RW price, then don't participate. At any rate, I doubt that will be a problem now.


Andrew Riggsby


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I have already heard some good reports from friends.

This guy has some serious pedigree, at Wink, Uchi, Herbsaint and I think Cochon too. I went to Cochon in New Orleans and thought if it was in Austin, it'd easily be in the top two restaurants in town (the other being Uchi).

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