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Good food in Wyndmoor


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Yo Dogs just opened last week on Willow Grove Avenue in Wyndmoor. It is a couple of doors down from Bhagya's Kitchen which is our favorite spot for Indian takeout.

I tried the Ger Dog which was very good. I was actually there to pick up Indian food for dinner, so didn't get to try a wider selection. I will need to make some more trips to try more of the menu. The roll was not a traditional hot dog roll - it was more like a piece of bread that was folded and grilled. They offer beef, turkey or carrot (?) hot dogs. I am not sure about the carrot but guess it would be worth a try - they say it is a carrot marinated in hot dog spices and grilled. The fries looked good, but I didn't try them.

Bhagya's Kitchen has some of the best Indian around. She used to have a stand in the Chestnut Hill Farmer's Market but now has the stand alone shop with much more extensive hours. Try the spicy Lamb Rogan Josh, or the mild Keema Mutter. There are also lots of good vegetarian options.

Bhagya's Kitchen

Yo Dogs

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We love Bhagya's, also. And my son told us about Yo Dogs the other day. He said they have a choice of less expensive and more expensive (higher quality) dogs. One of them is a nitrate-free dog. They also sell hamburgers and fries.

But you haven't mentioned Flannery's Deli, also on Willow Grove Ave in Wyndmoor. They roast their own turkey breast and beef and make excellent sandwiches. They use bakery bread, including a delicious multi-grain, which I think is from Baker Street. Their cheesesteaks are exceptional, and on great rolls.

We highly recommend it.


Eileen Talanian

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As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than chemists. ~Joan Gussow

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