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Help Me Identify This Korean Veggie

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A friend gave me a pot of buchu (Korean chives) a few years ago and in it there was also a tiny stem of something, roots broken off. It was dollamul. I planted it and it grew. And grew and grew. This tiny stem now has progeny scattered from Central California to Seattle and points between.

Later in the season it (whatever I don't pick and eat) will be covered with small yellow flowers. A lot of succulents are poisonous but this one is good, pretty much the whole plant can be eaten unless it has gotten too tough at the base.


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This one is fairly small (as you can see it's about the size of my finger) and my family eats it raw in a salad application.  We mix it in a salad with dandelion leaves, wild baby onions, red lettuce, and watercress.  The salad dressing is just fish sauce, chile flakes, and I think some sesame oil?  It's good with grilled meat



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