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Buying Fish in Brooklyn

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I've looked through the various threads here on the best places to buy fish and I haven't seen any recommendations in Brooklyn.

I've been very happy with the fish I've bought from the Blue Moon folks at the Grand Army Plaza green market but sometimes I don't want to have to wait until Saturday. Any thoughts?



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Fish Tales, on Court St just below Bergen, in Cobble Hill is excellent. Always high quality and a good, if not great, variety of fresh fish. They also have good prepared soups and stocks, as well as crabcakes, etc. They are helpful with recipes, cooking times, etc. Very friendly, as well.

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Blue Moon Fish is at te Farmer's Market by Borough Hall on Saturdays. Go early, they tend to run out of stuff as the day goes on. Their selection isn't huge, but their quality is great, and their prices are not outrageous.

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