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Advice for veggie/seafood-centric meal needed


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My sister in law will be in Paris for four evenings and I am looking for some advice to give her regarding meals. I have my favorites, but many involve memorable meals with meat. She eats all seafood and is ok with a great sauce having a little animal stock, or eating in any type of restaurant.

One lunch will be in L'Arpege. What is the tariff these days on a lunch there? Any recommendations for a similar style lunch if they cannot get reservations?

They want to make eating out the evening activity with a drink or two after dinner at a fun bustling not touristy wine bar, lounge or cocktail spot after dinner, any recommendations?

They (3 pretty ladies in their late thirties) are experienced diners who frequent the best spots in Philly and NYC, so great food will be appreciated.

Any recommendations for a reasonable (50-80 euro per person with wine) restaurant serving exciting yet French focused food in a fun and bustling space.

They will be staying in the middle of the 8th.

I am also looking for a recommendation for the perfect fruits de mer experience, lunch or dinner.



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On an unrelated note, had some insane Gillardeau no.2's yesterday at Trouville's Le Central

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