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Lanterna Blu in Gaminella (Monferrato - Piemonte)


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Pasquetta is the day after Easter when most Italians in our area head for the country side and have a picnic and barbecue but we were short on time and decided to visit Lanterna Blu in Gaminella. Since we had stuffed at the Canon d'Oro the day before we decided to give the frito misto a miss but we ate everything else. The place was packed with jovial locals, the food was just as good as the Canon d'Oro and the service was very friendly.


A soft cheese spiral rolled in prosciutto cotto

A puff choux filled with Montemagno mousse


Insalata de carne cruda

Parmigiano flan

Asparagus terrine

Pastry nests with fonduta and a fried quail egg

Branzino in a puff pastry shell


Veal lasagna

Mushroom risotto


Big platters of Frito misto were offered but we gave it a miss.


Pistachio cake


Pineapple cake

2 bottles of Barbera Monferrato (vivace)

1 bottle of Malvasia

1 bottle of sparkling brut

30 Euros per person all inclusive (it would have been 5 euros higher if we had eaten the frito misto).


Lanterna Blu

Frazione Gaminella

15020 Mombello AL


Tel: 0142 944120

Fax: 0142 944120

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