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Cannon d'Oro in Cocconato (Monferrato - Piemonte)


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We had Easter lunch at Canon d'Oro in Cocconato yesterday. It was my first time at this restaurant and we had a great time. Food quality was very high and service was very friendly and presented table-side.

The courses were as follows:


- Liver paté with toast points and a tiny salad

- Castelmagno cheese mousse sandwiched between dried apples

- Insalata de carne cruda with parmigiano and celery slivers

- A tiny salad with a sliver goat cheese wrapped in Bresaola

- Artichoke flan

- Asparagus with fonduta


- Agnolotti in broth

- Risotto Parmigiano

- Tajarin with vegetable sauce


- Guinea hen with Carrots

- Bolito (cotechino, testa, lingua, reale)

- Roast leg of lamb

- Veal roast


- Vanilla gelato

- Bunet

- Fresh fruit

- Lemon torte


1 bottle of Bava Cortese.

3 bottles of very nice 13.5 % house Barbera

1 bottle of Malvasia

1 bottle of a spumante brut

Bosso grappa (open bottle on the table)

Note you can eat every course there is no "or" in this list

The total was 48 Euros per person, all inclusive.


"Cannon d'Oro" Hotel - Restaurant

Piazza Cavour, 21

14023 Cocconato (Asti) Italy

e-mail: cannondoro@cannondoro.it

Tel. +390141.907794

Fax +390141.907024

Closed on Monday and Tuesday

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This is the first restaurant in Piemonte we went to. A graphic designer in Aosta highly recommended it. We had a great time, but as it was more than 10 years ago, my memory of it has faded like a long-shot leader at the clubhouse turn. In that entire time, I don't think I've read more than one or two references to it, which is odd because it is a delightful restaurant in a pretty spot, and clearly still has a good kitchen. Thanks for the report and the reminder.

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Hi Ed, I remember going there on an easter once, great food and service and huge wine list including 200 euro Gaja's if I remember correctly. Wonderful views too. I think they also have a Michelin star.

In a different category just down the road on the way to Bava winery is Cascina Rosengana next to the Conbipel factory outlet. This is an agriturismo restaurant and very popular with our guests for the quantity (as well as the quality) of the food and the price, the fixed is 22 euro per person. If you haven't tried it, its well worth it, not the best cuisine in Piedmont (but pretty good) but the best deal. Hint they are always full for Sunday lunch.

Too many restaurants in Piedmont, too little time in life

Villa Sampaguita

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