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Killeen, Ft. Hood, Austin Area Recommendations


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so in a week the Army sends me to Hood (still not sure if I'm going to rent an apartment in Killeen, Belton or Georgetown).

Fino has a promising cocktail list but I can't find anything else (online anyway). also, liquor store suggestions?

I know that the hill country is bbq central and think I know what the standards are....but anything closer to Hood as well?

Tex-Mex ideas?

Chinese, especially real Sichuan or Shanghai-style?


Italian (not Italian-American)?

contemporary restaurant food?


offal? (I'll check out Feast in Houston)

Japanese (sushi/izakaya, ramen, kaiseki etc.)?

extensive beer lists?






thanks much!

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so I've been here a couple months and have a few observations:

1. Central Market is better than Whole Foods.

2. Louis Mueller's is every bit as good as the Lockhart standards (the Taylor Cafe is worth checking out as well).

3. Feast is quite good. Fearing's is not.

4. Trudy's is much better than Chuys.

5. the burgers at Casino El Camino would be very good if they used better meat and a quality bun.

6. there is good Sichuan in Round Rock.

7. Fino has very good cocktails and good food.

8. Austin needs more restaurant variety.

9. Vespaio is not bad at all.

10. Specs/Twin/Grapevine have excellent rum and tequila selections but are lacking in a lot of stuff. Grapevine is best for gin and rye but could be better.

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Welcome to the area - my random thoughts -

I agree about Central Market, and when there's live music there it's always good - I don't care for their Cafe though.

I agree Trudy's is probably better than Chuy's but both are pretty "gringo" - try Sazon on South Lamar, I like their mole...I like the fish "a la plancha" at Polvo's on South First too, it's a more festive sort of atmosphere. Curra's is worth a try, too.

Enoteca is Vespaio's lower priced alternative next door, and worth checking out on its own terms (for lunch/brunch etc).

For Chinese I'd look through the older posts here and see what Kent Wang recommends.

French, I guess your choices are Chez Nous or Aquarelle.

If you want to check out the Hill Country wineries I think Becker is best.

Sushi - Uchi ($$$) or Musashino ($$).

Beer lists - Flying Saucer in the Triangle is probably the widest but has a corporate/chain feel, I'd try Gingerman (haven't been there since they moved though), or the Draught House on Medical for a real local neighborhood pub-type vibe.

Hope this helps...

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