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Philadelphia Suggestions,"Brag-Worthy" Restaurant


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if you are in wilmington, how about the hotel dupont?

the green room oozes class, and the brandywine room is really nice also.

I haven't been in years, but I remember the food as being very good, if stolidly traditional. Their wine list, on the other hand, was outstanding. If I recall correctly, we had several older vintages of Dominus, each priced at less than the retail price of the current release.

Not sure if any of that has the desired teenager-tickling sexiness, though. What with being underage and all...

Someone wishing to reward me for... well, I'm sure there's something... could do a lot worse.

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We three, my nephew, my sister and I, attended the 9:30 Grand Tasting Menu at Vetri last Friday night. Let me just state for the record that we have NEVER had better service from nicer people. From Chef Vetri to the person who greeted us at the door, every single person we encountered was informative, kind, thoughtful and made us feel very welcome and comfortable.

The meal was really wonderful, and, of course, I cannot remember it all as it was a non-stop progression of one delicious bite after another. Not one entree let us down. It was really fun to just sit back and be surprised by each course. :smile: I do recall the Sweet Onion Crepe with Truffle Fondue as I loathe onions and this was outstanding. :cool:

Jeff Benjamin came to our table first and spoke with Michael and us for a bit. Chef Vetri took the time to come to our table a bit later, spoke with Michael and autographed Mike's copy of his cookbook (Thanks for the suggestion, Kretch!!) Both he and Jeff could not have been more gracious. Both addressed Mike's interest in cooking ( NICE TOUCH!!), which was a nice thing to do.

The whole evening was money, time and effort very well spent. Thanks to all for all the help here. Could not have pulled this off without the help of everyone here. :wub:

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