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eGullet Culinary Institute - Food Tradition

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Welcome to the Food Traditions & Culture forum!

This forum has a number of great resources for members, whether you're a novice or someone who never travels anywhere without your own knife roll. One of those resources is our online culinary academy, the eGullet Culinary Institute. Please take some time to look through the topics presented here and feel free to attend the course that interests you.

Holiday/Traditional Cooking

The Festival of Lights Diwali Course and Q&A

Cooking through the Jewish Year Course and Q&A

eGCI Demonstrations

Jewish Foods (introduction and index)

Meal Planning and Presentation

Plating and Presentation Introduction and Course, and Q&A

Menu Planning Course and Q&A

Specialty Topics

Taste and Texture Part I: Taste, Part II: Texture, Taste Q&A, and Texture Q&A.

Cooking with Disabilities Course Part One, Part Two, Part Three, and Q&A

Cooking for One Course and Q&A

Cooking with Kids Course and Q&A

Amateur Cooking Competitions Course and Q&A

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