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Rempeyek – have you ever made them?

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When I was in KL over the Lunar New Year, we tasted the most amazing rempeyek - flavoured with cumin and curry leaf and embedded with peanuts and salty ikan bilis. I came back with four large bags - which are long gone, so I'm craving more. Does anybody have a tried-and-true recipe? And are the ikan bilis any different from the little dried anchovies I can get at Japanese or other SE Asian markets?


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FYI Rempeyek is originaly from Indonesia,n Ikan Bilis is from Danau Singkarak,West Sumatra.

ok,you may subtitute it with anchovies,but the better taste is still with Ikan Bilis.

Try to add some kafir-leaf ,Turmeric,and Mashed Garlic in the your Batter can make your Rempeyek have a rich taste.

Use the Rice Flour can make your Rempeyek so crunchy

You can improve it not only with the fish,but also with Shrimp,Mung Bean,and so much more.

Keep Cooking :)

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