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Seattle's best Korean BBQ?

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so I'm headed up to Seattle this week for my brother's birthday and he said he wants some good Korean BBQ so I figured I'd ask my old gastronaut buddies on egullet for some recommendations.... thanks!!!

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Coming out of SERIOUS lurk mode to reply to this. How is everyone? I haven't posted here in a year, or longer. Yikes.

For Korean, you should really hit Federal Way or Tacoma. Those communities have more Korean, and it's really done well.

On South Tacoma Way, there six or seven or so Korean restaurants betwen 80th and 100th or so. I like Palace BBQ (it's open really late, and has really interesting banchan).

I also really like Cho Dang Tofu in the Pal Do World Korean grocery store. Also, there is a little place called Obok that is hole-in-the-wall good bbq. For grill-your-own-bbq at your own table, go to Honey Pig. Nice interior, really good meats.... and HUGE tables for spreading out all the dishes. I like that.

In Federal Way, try the restaurants along 312th to 320th on Pacific Highway. A half dozen good restaurants. I like Akasaka, which is sushi and Korean. You can grill at the table at Akasaka. They have better banchan than some of the other restaurants in the same area (larger assortment; and also the quality is really impressive).

Also, Kokiri (not sure of spelling) is good, but I have only been once, so can't say.

Undercover tip: I like Hanabi around 314th, which is a Korean restaurant disguised as a sushi place. The banchan at the start of the meal is the give away that you're in a Korean restaurant, don't let the sushi menu fool you. It's just Korean with sushi is all (like lots of restaurants in the Korean restaurant areas in Federal Way and Tacoma. I can always tell when I'm in a Korean sushi restaurant when they bring that tray of banchan).

Edit: to add a few more places

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