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Lafayette, LA: iMonelli's Restaurant

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I was in Lafayette last night for an unexpected visit. After driving up and down the strip seeing what looked interesting, we came across a little place called iMonelli’s. It was an Italian restaurant with an intimate atmosphere with Cajun Italian cuisine. I had the pecan-smoked pork chop and my date had (cliché, but good) blackened redfish. Both dishes were excellent. I cane THISCLOSE to ordering the grouper in some sort of wine and tomato sauce, and that’s what I’ll have next time. The prices were very reasonable, and they even served sorbet between courses. The chef came out and chatted briefly after dinner checking with the tables and he seemed like a very pleasant person.

Does anyone else have any experience with this place? Is it generally good or did we just luck out?



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Glad to hear that you enjoyed your meal there! It's changed hands over the years. Some years it's been great, other times not so much.

For what it's worth, Times of Acadiana has a People's Choice poll that ranked the chef, Brian Blanchard, 2nd, after Holly Goetting at Charley G's, but the rankings for Italian restaurants in Lafayette were notably unreliable:



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