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Food of the Maldives


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A couple months ago and few friends and I decided to expand our cooking abilities into alternate cuisines that we generaly touch upon. Out came a map on Google and with out eyes closed we all chose a country.

So far I did Zambia, which went over very well, but next are the Maldives.

With Zambia I was atleast able to find some recipes on net plus JasmineLL and gfron were both a wonderful help!. But with the Maldives, I am not having much luck....

It's a Muslim country so there no pork or booze; as a island seafood is obviously the easiest choice.

With it's proximity to India and Sri Lanka, there would be a large influence from there, plus it's relatively close to Madagascar also....But what is Maldavian food?

I'm looking for a just a few dishes that would make up a relatively traditional meal in the Maldives.

Any Maldavians out there that can help, it would be much appreciated!

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