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Italian in 11th, 12th, 3rd or 4th


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To make a long story short, I need a restaurant to take my kosher/pescetarian (non-seafood) father to this Friday night which is in walking distance of my apartment. (I'll arrange to prepay.) Given that he's also a conservative eater, I thought Italian would provide some good choices. Here's what I know of in a 30-minute walking radius from Ledru Rollin. The place should take reservations and be at least reasonably good--doesn't need to be fancy or particularly expensive.

Would be grateful for any feedback/recommendations. The northern 11th/Oberkampf area is a possibility as well, but it's not really my 'hood.

Thanks, Shira

Sardegna a Tavola, rue de Cotte (seems quite expensive--are the portions huge?)

L'Amis de Messina, faubourg St Antoine

Gli Angeli, rue St Gilles

Fuxsia (the one on Francois Miron)

Amicei Mei , the pizza place on rue St Sabin (don't think they take reservations, though)

that Sardinian place on rue de roi de Sicilie




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