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Jean Georges and Nougatine 2009 & Beyond


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7 hours ago, weinoo said:

I can't believe how much caviar they go through. Daily it seems as if.


Note no yelling, no throwing knives, no loud kitchen music. Just some nice focus.


It's been a long time since we've eaten at JG the flagship (our most recent meal at a JG restaurant was at The Fulton); this only makes me want to get back there, and lunch was one of the other great bargains in town.

Does the ec really need to taste every can (from the same lot) for qc? Tough job.  


I always thought of him as the Robert De Niro of chefs. Calm, collected, charming but with a don't f w me presence.

"This is my exec chef, he's Canadian, good with fish so they're ok"....LOL

That wasn't chicken

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