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Dinner in Hoboken

scarlet knight

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Since you've already been to Cucharamama (my usual recommendation), would recommend Anthony David's (web site)

Very solid Italian influenced fare, nice atmosphere, BYOB. Only downside would be no reservations -- if you go before 7 PM, shouldn't be an issue. After 7 you run the risk of a wait... I've brought many friends/out of towners here and never a dissapontment

Other possibilities would be Zafra (same chef-owner as Cucharamama). Food isn't as refined, but still very good. Also BYOB and no-reservations.

Amanda's. Hoboken institution -- solid new-American food, beautiful setting, nice service. Nothing mind-blowing or innovative, but consistently good, especially if you are dining with non-adventurous diners...

Court Street -- similar to Amanda's -- more varied menu, and solid but not spectacular. More casual then Amandas at a softer price. Wine list is outstanding with much smaller markups than typical.

Elysian Cafe -- smaller, sister restaurant (Bistro) to Amandas.

Dino and Harry's (formerly Frankie and Johnnies) -- nice steakhouse -- I haven't been in several years, but your basic upscale steakhouse.

Bin 14. New Wine Bar / small plates from owner of Anthony David's. I don't think the food is as good as Anthony David's, not bad, but expensive for what you get. Wine selection is interesting, with (in memory serves) 30-50 wines by the glass available in multiple sizes. Reservations needed.

Hope that helps...

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Ahhh, the dining problem that is Hoboken. Hoboken has become a town of bars/restaurants that serve limited food to justify drinking. Top notch restaurants are few and far in between but here goes a safe list of Hoboken restaurants,

Amanda's- Quality food, nothing special but quality. Highly priced but in town here I'd rather pay a high tariff instead of a $14 hamburger.

Dino & Harry's- Steakhouse. My favorite as this place now has more offerings than steaks. More fish, chicken and lower priced small plates. A good move in this economy.

Lua- Hit or miss. Menu becomes boring after a 2nd visit as they have limited special. Great view here though. Go for a drink beforehand

Anthony Davids- Food is good but I have qualms about eating here after seeing the grease all over the stove. kitchen needs a good cleaning. Maybe to much attention has been spent on his baby Bin 14............

Bin 14- my new favorite. Wine is incredibly over-priced but quality of small plates makes up for it. Very small, call now for reservations but be careful as you might only get 5:30 or 10:00 today.

Just my humble opinion. Good luck

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The Madison has had consistently good food in several recent visits.

They have a special deal between 5pm and 7pm during the week with discounted wine and a $16.13 menu. Best deal in town, although it wouldn't be available on your Saturday night.

Madison Bar and Grill

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As a Hobokenite, I've always found the best food in town to be the nightly specials at "La Isla", a much beloved restaurant. I'm not referring to the "rice and beans" Cuban part of their menu, I'm referring to the small list of upscale daily specials that they have at dinner.

La Isla Dinner Photos

In summer the views from the outdoor seating areas of many of the new restaurants that line the Hudson River Walkway are so spectacular that it makes up for the striving-for-mediocre food that they serve.

But having lived here a long (long) time, and eating out a lot as I do, I can tell you (and I apologize in advance that this will be taken wrongly and that I'm sure I'll get flamed) that about 6 or 7 minutes farther by car than Hoboken you can be parked (and much more easily than in Hoboken) at a restaurant in Tribeca (or even SOHO) with food more than significantly better than you can get in Hoboken - and while it may sound absurd, it's laughable how much easier, and better, this option actually is in reality if you're in Hoboken and already in a car.

A restaurant not mentioned yet that's quite enjoyable in North Bergen is the Argentinian "La Fusta" Steakhouse on Tonnelle Ave. You can dine (and drink) extremely well there.

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