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Morcilla recipe

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Sorry for the short post, but, does anyone have a recipe for Argentine style morcilla that they can post? I have been searching all over the net but have had no luck.


As far as I know the morcilla is of Spanish origin that is Spain it is made at home or "en el campo" with pure pig's blood normally during the Autumn season when pigs are processed for ham, other smallgoods and morcillas as the blood is collected in vats.

I know that apples, rice,cloves are used in the mix. Sory cannot be of much help perhaps the European section can help you further.

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I have a few, haven't tried any yet (I'm yet to ask my butcher for fresh pig's blood)

This is the one I'm going to try first:

Morcilla Parrillera:

Pig's blood: 3 kilos

Pork Jowls: 3.5 kilos

Pork skin (from the pork butts): 3.5 kilos

Coarse salt: 200 grams

Cracked black pepper: 20 grams

Grated Nutmeg: 5 grams

Oregano: 20 grams

Ground cloves: 2 grams

Raw Onions: 1/2 kilo

Onions for sauteing: 50 grams

Parsley, finely chopped: 25 grams

Rendered pork fat: 1tsp (I'm guessing)

The pig's blood should be fresh. Refrigerate at 25F for 30 hours

Put through a sieve

Boil (I would braise) the pork jowls and skin until tender. Let it cool.

Grind using a 12mm plate.

Grind the raw onions through a 10mm plate and mix with the meats.

Saute the 50 grams of onions in the rendered pork fat. Add the parsley.

Mix the dry ingredients.

Mix the meats, raw onions, and sauteed onions in a big bowl. Add the dry ingredients and the blood.

Stuff in 38mm beef casings.

Poach in 170F water until no blood comes out when the sausage is pierced.

If you read spanish there is some info out there I can point you out to. Where are you located?

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