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Looking for Two Russian Bread Recipes


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Greetings, all:

A friend of mine is trying to re-create two Russian breads.

The first is called "Borodinsky" bread...it is a wheat, rye, bran combination bread, flavored with such ingredients as caraway, fennel, instant coffee, molasses, onion powder, etc, etc.

The second he describes this way:

"The second is called, "Narachomsky" bread...which, as best we can figure out, is a sourdough rye and potato flour bread, flavored with salt and cumin...nothing much more...the bread is baked in round loaves ( no pan). The crust is almost completely black, and the bread itself is a beautiful pale gray....it is very moist, and has a sour-sweet flavor that is amazing with a mild cheese, or any type of deli meat....We usually just have The Parents mail it from Minsk, but I decided to try and re-create it..."

Any help at all would be most appreciated! Thank you! :)


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I suggest that you locate a Russian Orthodox church as near to you as possible and call and ask them if they can put you in touch with their women's auxiliary.

I know that I have had excellent help with ethnic recipes from eastern Europe and Armenia by getting in touch with women in these church organizations here in southern California.

One of the Armenian church groups published a wonderful cookbook which I have.

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I have one recipe for Borodinsky bread in an English cook book.

They use a rye sourdough starter to which they just add light rye flour, no wheat flour or extra yeast. The bread also has salt, molasses, malt extract and coriander in it. No butter or oil.

No idea how authentic this is!

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There's a lot of info about Russian sourdough, and the breads made with it, on a site I found this morning.

Many people comment on the fact that the Russian sourdough culture

is very sour. This is not by accident. The general rule of Russian

breadbaking is that dough from wheat flour is not supposed to be sour,

while dough from rye flour is supposed to be very sour.

Full article and recipe - click here.

Additionally, I have in my collection of cookbooks one entitled The Art of Russian Cuisine, which has at least one of the recipes asked about, and is available here.

Mitch Weinstein aka "weinoo"

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My eGullet FoodBog - A Tale of Two Boroughs

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