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Anyone have reviews of restaurants in Encore?

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I stayed at Encore last month. I ate at all of the Encore restaurants except Society Cafe.

Switch was really good. Yes the room changes every so often. That doesn't take away from the dinner. The rabbit tasted great!

Sinatra was not bad. I'm willing to go back when the chef is there.

Botero serves pretty good steaks with a few different sides: "onion rings" made of polenta & leeks; frog's legs. And my server remembered me back when Chef Mark Lo Russo was over at Tableau! And the brand new nightclub called XS is down the hallway, if that interests you.

Wazuzu has very good pan-Asian cuisine. Definitely go there, if you don't want to go off-Strip. NB I know a couple of people there, so your mileage may vary.

Russell J. Wong aka "rjwong"

Food and I, we go way back ...

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