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WI Panini Shop Opinions Please!


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I'm wondering if a place that was sort of like 'ino would be viable in the Milwaukee area. I have lived 30 miles North of Milwaukee (from Chicago) for the past 4 years and the food scene has been less than open minded in most of my experience. Although this seems to be changing some, most people seem to be interested in quantity/price over quality/taste.

Which areas of the city/burbs would be best in your opinions?



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I went to school at Marquette, and spent a considerable amount of time on the East Side (Brady Street, especially) for food. The 3rd Ward was just coming into it's own when I left. Either of those places might be good, but I don't know if a whole new restaurant would work right now. Mabye you could work with some already established wine bar to expand into sandwiches.

My friends that still live up there are definitely into experiencing local (Wisconsin-wide, anyway), organic food. If you could team up with farms or local suppliers, you'd probably be golden.

That being said, I think Milwaukee's not too bad, food-wise, if you're willing to look a little bit.

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I grew up 55 miles north of Milwaukee. Although I live in Chicago now, I travel up there every 3 months to "decompress". Milwaukee will, without a doubt, be my final home.

With that being said...

A grilled sandwich-joint would work wonderfully around the UWM campus. The previous poster will know the area that I'm talking about. You might, too. Center Avenue and Oakland. Shorewood.

The east-side is the best bet.

Give the kids a great sandwich, with pristine ingredients, at an affordable price. Throw in the "meal deal" and call it a day.

If you want to talk more, please don't hesitate to send me a PM.



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Eat Side, hands down. You have 25,000 students, upper middle class residents, young professionals, etc.

I could maybe see the Third Ward or Brady Street too. Bayview might be a nice option with cheaper rents but the residents are very fickle. If your spot isn't deemd to be "hip" enough, you will probbaly not do well. A lot of style over substance in that neighborhood. They had a killer BBQ joint that only lasted a couple years. The food and service was aweome but it didn't have vegetarian stuff, was kind of expensive, and wasn't "cool" so it failed.

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