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What's to eat in Mobile, AL?


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Will be spending 24 hours in Mobile. Any not to miss places to eat or cuisines? Any budget recs are most apprecuiated. Thankyou

What disease did cured ham actually have?

Megan sandwich: White bread, Miracle Whip and Italian submarine dressing. {Megan is 4 y.o.}

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I used to travel to Mobile for work. I'll qualify my recommendations by saying that there are no restaurants in Mobile that I would qualify as "not to miss." If you live your entire life missing Mobile's best restaurants, you're still not missing anything overly special.

However, with that said, I usually ate at one of following two places:

1) The Original Oyster House http://www.originaloysterhouse.com/


2) Wintzell's http://www.wintzellsoysterhouse.com/

Wintzell's makes an interesting gumbo which is typical of the Mobile area.

The Original Oyster House is basically fried seafood, but you're not really going to find any other kind of seafood in South Alabama.

Both are good. Neither are great. The food is simple, but, for what it is, it is well prepared. I know these aren't glowing recommendations, but Mobile just isn't a culinary hot spot.

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Try the Brick Pit.

For me, the best BBQ place in Mobile. That is, if you're not like the herds who seem to prefer sweet, gloopy sauces. They are open for lunch and dinner.

Southern food wise, I would recommend Queen G's Cafe. Make sure to get the sweet tea with mint! They are only open for lunch.

I would second the recommendation for the Original Oyster House ... lunch is a really good deal, the steamed platter is about $10 and is basically an piled plate of steamed seafood. Open for lunch and dinner, but tends to get crowded.

Wintzell has happy hour (M-F, 4-7 pm) oysters at half price (used to be 25 cents each).

I have lived here for almost 3 years, and while it's not a culinary hotspot by any means, I feel that the food here is generally cooked better compared to many other places I've been to. Even in places like the Olive Garden. Many hidden gems too, if you stay here long enough.

With the OP only staying for 24 hours I didn't want to recommend more than 3 places though.

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