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pub with a private room in central london

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Looking  for  a pub with a private room for dinner for 60 80 on a Saturday night in the fall.  Any suggestions appreciated.



hmmm a tricky one - if it has to be a pub one option might be to contact a pub in the city (most of which are closed on weekends ) and see if you can get the whole place

I have a feeling the Gate on st johns st was available for full hire when I looked for something similar a few years back

It depends what you are after though is food quality key or location etc?

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I assume most fairly modern gastropubs will have something available. A private room is an obvious money spinner (so long as its kept utilised!).

I'm sure all the gordon ramsay pubs will have facilities, although quite corporate.

To be honest though if you're really looking 60-80 ppl (was that a misprint?) you won't be able to do it in a pub. No way any pub will run a kitchen with that much excess capacity just on hand for events.

You basically will need a large restaurant or banqueting venue. A good place to start will be whatever reference guide there is for ppl looking for wedding reception catering - that is basically the scale of gig you are looking at. (hopefully you won't get stung with wedding reception rates though)


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Gastropubs of note: The Narrow, The Cow, Princess Victoria, The Gun. Private dining for 60 to 80 is tough! I've done family events at the Narrow and Cow for 20 or less.



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