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Orlando -- Taverna Opa


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Got down here to Orlando, hit a few places -- details later -- however, I did want to post about a place that a friend of mine suggested.

Taverna Opa -- I had never heard of it. Someone down here said they have a few locations here in FL. I can't speak to the other locations -- but this place, in Orlando Pointe . . . HIGH ENERGY!!! Big Time!!! Stroll in, get seated and get ready for a party!!!

Big place, a few different rooms, and the main room is the heart of all the action. You've got big, long tables in the middle of the room for groups with big #'s, tables on the outskirts of the room, a couple more rooms with more tables next to the big room, and very nice outside seating area -- almost cafe style. Very nice.

You've got high-energy music playing -- and you better -- how else is the belly-dancer going to get her groove on!!! Then, you have the staff doing the Greek version of the horah throughout the restaurant, grabbing patrons to get up and join them!!! Then, you have staff and patrons DANCING ON THE TABLES!!!

This place was great!!!

The food was very good -- from the pita and hand-crushed chick peas, garlic and oil (done in a mortor and pestle right there, tableside) to the appetizers, right to the entrees. Everything was very good, traditional Greek, not cookie-cutter or fast-food'ish at all. Really good food.

More to come.

Here's the link:



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