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Savory Macarons


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Inspired by


I made a savoury macaron - smoked salmon pate in a rye macaron.

Rye powder: Whiz Ryvita (or equivalent rye cracker or dried rye bread) to a fine powder, then sieve

Savoury Macaroon:

100g icing sugar

60g rye powder

Pinch salt

50g egg white (1 large egg)

Whip egg white with the salt to soft peaks, mix sugar and rye powder and fold in.

Pipe onto silicone paper, allow 1 hour to skin, then bake 315F 12-15 mins

Smoked salmon pate

100g smoked salmon

25g unsalted butter

Pepper, lemon juice

Whiz together to smooth pate.

Sandwich 2 macaron shells with the pate.

Has anyone else experimented?

They are still a little sweet, but OK for this filling.

Is the sugar important for structure. Could it be reduced or substituted?

Not a great phote - they got eaten too soon


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I checked my copy of Pierre Hermé's Macaron. It has a number of recipes for semi savory macarons like foie gras, black truffles, oscietra caviar etc. Even if the filling has little or no sugar in it, Hermés still uses the same basic 50/50 mix of almond flour and icing sugar mixed with an italian meringue for the shell.

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Hi Jack - they look great. I must try that one. I've never made type of macaroon before and I like the idea of beginning with the remix version.

Is it hard to form the shells?

PS That reminds me I need to update my home cured smoked salmon thread with the results.

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