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One ingredient, two tastes, three dollars

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Has no-one mentioned cabbage?  Very very cheap, very very tasty, very very nutritious, very very versatile.  (You can see I am a fan).  Cabbage is so cheap where I live, it's almost free. 

Almost every culture has a great cabbage recipe, here are some just off the top of my header which use cabbage as a main ingredient:

1.  Finely shred and make cabbage poriyal. 

2.  Chop small and make cabbage sabzi with potatoes (i.e. aloo gobhi with bandha-gobhi = cabbage instead of phool-gobhi = cauliflower).

2.  Chop large and make kimchi

3.  Chop smaller, and make a yummy stew with chick peas, tomatoes, other veggies. 

4.  Finely shred and make coleslaw or salad

5.  Finely shred and stir fry or saute with star anise, Szechuan peppercorn and a few other spices (my Chinese college mate used to make this, I don't know the name or region of the dish).

what about braised cabbage or stuffed cabbage

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1 package of 'traditional' tofu (a lightly pasteurized medium-soft tofu, otherwise like fresh bulk tofu) two blocks for 1.89 (pretty steep in my part of town).

This was the basis of 2 meals of using up bits I had around.

Meal 1 - broke up one block and braised in leftover duck drippings (I made a 5-spice seared duck breast and deglazed the sticky drippings (soy, ginger, 5-spice, hoisin and a bit of maple syrup). I added some chunks of carrot and some scallions and served this on leftover brown rice.

Meal 2 - sliced the second block into thick slabs, pan fried so crisp outside, soft inside. Drizzled with a bit of soy, seasoned with black pepper and served in sandwiches, on whole wheat bread, chili mayo and lettuce.

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I bought a bunch of red radishes for .99AUD.

Tonight, I sauteed half of the greens in a little oil. My resident sweet freak thought they were way too bitter and asked if the "spinach" was off. I thought it was pretty good.

The radishes themselves we will enjoy raw, but I also wanted to try pickling them. Any suggestions for how I should do that? Also, any ideas for the greens that might appease Mr. Sweet?

I also bought a whole cauliflower for 2AUD. I made some puree tonight, and plan to roast it. I also thought I might try an Indian style stirfry as well.

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