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Weird soda question

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My husband is looking for a beast which probably does not exist. Does anyone out there know of a diet, aspartame-and Splenda-free soda which still contains caffeine?

He is willing to give up the artificial sweeteners, but not the caffeine. There appear to be some Stevia-sweetened sodas, but they are all caffeine-free. The ideal would be a diet China Cola.

Alternatively, has anyone out there ever heard of a caffeinated seltzer or club soda type beverage? Weird, I know. Thanks!

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So far, a search on Google has yielded this article which mentions a product called Zevia. According to the FAQ:

ZEVIA® Natural Cola is naturally caffeinated with 45 mgs of natural caffeine derived from coffee. Compare this to 45.6 mgs. in Diet Coke®, and 36 mgs. in Diet Pepsi®. ZEVIA® Natural Ginger Root Beer, ZEVIA® Natural Orange and ZEVIA® Natural Twist are caffeine-free.

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Nature's Flavors sells over 150 different Italian Soda syrups with xylitol, a sugar alcohol that doesn't have the weird fennel aftertaste that stevia has. I have no idea how much caffeine the different flavors have.

Around Christmas-time I read an article saying that Coke, Pepsi, and even Dr. Pepper are planning to market stevia flavored sodas later this year.

Too bad Manhattan Special doesn't have a stevia flavored soda: you'd be able to monitor your sugar intake and load up on caffeine at the same time. ;)

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