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Tops in Texas 2008

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What were your favorite Texas restaurants this year? What about other foodie-type experiences? Food trends? Improvements on your local dining and food scene? Let 'er rip.

Favorite Texas Restaurant Meals 2008:

1) Omakase at Zen Sushi (DFW)

2) Stephen Pyles (DFW)

3) Feast (Houston)

Food Trends:

It's geeky but I love the "Salt Bar" additions on at CM Plano.

Farmer's Markets and eating locally appears to be gathering steam across the board.

Not suprisingly the story of the year will probably be the economic downturn and the heavy toll it took on the restaurant scene. I can't find the source now but one of the local papers says 64 restaurants have closed in Dallas this year.

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I think Feast is a pretty unique dining experience and not something you see everywhere so it's definitely worth checking out if not for a dinner then lunch.

Reef just got named best new seafood restaurant by was it Esquire? Anyways that's something to check out.

Hugo's, Ibiza, or Catalan is someplace to consider also. I haven't been but Voice comes very highly recommended.

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I go to New York at least once a year so I prefer to have my fancy meals there. Certainly in Austin, there are no fine dining restaurants there are as good of a value as New York. I have the feeling that this is true, though certainly to a lesser extent, for Houston and Dallas as well, though can't say for certain due to lack of trying.


Austin: Nubian Queen Lola's

Houston: Fuzhou (more on this soon)

Houston: Da Marco (business lunch, 3 courses for $28 or so)

Not quite trends, but some things I only recently came to appreciate:

Having just returned from New Orleans, I am proud to say that Austin has some really great Cajun and Southern cuisine, on par with New Orleans. So I'm happy to report on that.

And having returned from a month in Europe (mostly Germany), I am also proud to say that we have some very excellent Chinese food in Texas.

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