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Brooklyn Supper Club


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So, this may or may not be considered shilling but the supper club my wife and I host (rather sporadically) is in a bit of a bind.

It's for this Saturday, December 20. Usually we have all seats filled within hours of announcing an event but due to hectic schedules of our day jobs, and the chef being from out-of-state, and procuring a whole lamb from Connecticut, we were forced to host the dinner on the day it seems like everyone in New York has a holiday party, so we've experienced several canceled reservations. It's also perhaps a bit of a difficult menu for many, it being lamb and one of the courses being offal.

We'd simply postpone but the thing is we've been dry aging a lamb, slaughtered and culled by our friend Dave from White Gate Farm. It's a sin to let the lamb go to waste. I'm thinking I'm not knowledgeable enough to butcher and segment the animal to freeze or to give away.

So...if anyone's interested, here are the details. The chef received a James Beard nomination this year and the lamb looks beautiful. Please email peerless@peerlessplatters.com or go to

http://www.peerlessplatters.com/blog/ to make a reservation.

In the event that we decide to call off, can anyone recommend a way to get the lamb off our hands? We ourselves will be out of town, starting Monday.

Thank you

White Gate Farm Holiday Lamb Menu

Menu prepared by Chef Steven Cameron, & Chef Indira Wiegand

20 December 08


$100 per person


lamb tartare, bird in nest


lamb offal, girolle wide noodles, dry jack


natural lamb, roasted red chicory, honey garlic mayo


roasted lamb leg, lamb sausage, cauliflower white bean puree, citrus relish


lamb bacon, winter greens, straw potato, lime truffle vinaigrette


chocolate pecan tart with bourbon cream

*Complimentary glass of wine or cocktail is included

**In addition you are welcome to bring your own wine selection, no corking fee as always.

***Reservations are limited for this special evening, and are first come first serve.


Cocktails will be available before and after dinner for an additional charge.

Email peerless@peerlessplatters.com to learn how to make a reservation.

"Wives and such are constantly filling up any refrigerator they have a

claim on, even its ice compartment, with irrelevant rubbish like

food."" - Kingsley Amis

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