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Bocca di Lupo


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Decent meal here on Thursday, ingredient quality not as good as somewhere like the River Cafe but at this price point it was OK. Suppli were a little underseasoned. Crescentine came with a lovely fresh stracchino cheese and decent salami. Tortellini of prosciutto & mortadella in capon brodo was excellent, the pasta was just about perfect, the broth ever so slightly salty. IMO risotto is always a difficuly order in a restaurant and they succeeded to some extent though my preference would still be towards firmer rice.

Main courses are large, nicely cooked widgeon came with guanciale and a big pile of polenta which seemed to have some cream in it but otherwise was a little bland and, again, underseasoned. Rachel opted for a small plate of excellent Luganega deluxe sausage and a plate of turnip tops with garlic and chilli.

Finished off with a lovley Gelato cup bonet - amaretti soaked in rum, bonet gelato, salted caramel gelato & espresso syrup.

Overall a nice meal and decent value - £156 including service, a glass of prosecco and a bottle of Valle Reale Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2006 which opened up quite nicely and felt like good (restaurant)value at £40.

"Why would we want Children? What do they know about food?"

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