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Price/quality ratio now: what are its parameters?

John Talbott

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Also, I really don’t think you can take the exchange rate into account because it fluctuates.  The fact that the dollar is down only means Paris is more expensive for Americans.    If the dollar suddenly goes up, it will not change the prices here in Paris for those of us who live here.

Don't look now - but the euro is now at about 1.27 - down from its most recent high of about 1.60 - a 20% drop.

FWIW - I agree with you that currency rates are irrelevant since they do fluctuate - sometimes a lot over intermediate time frames. And now that there are currency ETF's (exchange traded funds) - which can be traded cheaply at discount brokerage firms - it is very easy to hedge the cost of a trip 9 months in the future if one is inclined to do so.

John - I think the answer "it depends" when it comes to whether a particular meal is worth what it costs is correct. E.g., the food may be superb - but not to one's taste. Or maybe the service was substandard. Or there was something else one didn't care for about the meal (like who you were dining with :wink: ). A meal is frequently an experience that is more than the sum of its parts.

And Weinoo - the point of my message was to respond to your statement: "But what if one is not concerned about money and just likes those kinds of places?" Robyn

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