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Roasting nuts in a coffee roaster


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i have gotten so sick of the stale flavor of packaged peanuts and almonds its gotten me wondering...

i have an excellent coffee roaster that sits there doing nothing apart from 20 mins a week when its doing its thing.

i assume that the coffee roast cycle is longer than whats needed for peanuts or almonds, but surely the machine should do a good job on nuts as well.

any recommendations?

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I've done them with the heat gun/bowl method.

What type of roaster are you using? Some work better than others

A note of caution. If roasting peanuts you may need to worry about coffee served to anyone with peanut allergies that was roasted in that roaster afterwards. Not sure at what temperature peanut allergens are broken down and no longer cause sensitivity or how easy it would be to clean your roaster.

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well I dont know if this will help ..but we have used the whirly pop that we use to roast coffee to roast nuts and yes they are fantastic ..however I found even better than that roasting nuts in my crock pot is the best and most easily controled method for me

roasting nuts makes your house smell wonderful

if you have a Trader Joes the raw nuts there are very fresh and reasonable in cost

I would love to have a drum roaster for coffee roasting my husband and I use two whirly pops at the same time and it is an ordeal! but the results of your coffee tasting the way it does are all the motivation I need to keep on cranking!!!!

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Bread is in the oven, but just before putting it in I noticed half a pack of shell on walnuts left hanging.

I put them on a tin plate and gave them 20 minutes at 220. They are roasty toasty and tasty.

shelled or unshelled, doing your own is good , and fun. :biggrin:

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