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Coffee Recipes

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I'm working on a dinner for 8. I was thinking of creating a theme around coffee and tea.

Can anyone suggest recipes that include coffee? That would be for appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, and dessert.



I'll start a separate thread for tea...

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I made a braised beef brisket last year that was rubbed with finely ground coffee and some other spices I believe, left to marinate in the dry rub over night, and then cooked in a braising liquid that contained espresso among other things. It was OUTSTANDING, probably the best braised brisket I've ever made. PM me if you want the recipe.


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Two main dishes to check out:

Tex-Mex Porterhouse Steaks from Steven Raichlen:


Grilled Chicken with Coffee Barbecue Sauce from Todd English:


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There's a classic beef stew from Brazil that uses coffee, but I've never had it nor can I remember its Portuguese name. If you searched for traditional dishes from coffee-producing countries you'll likely get some ideas.

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I still dream about the thick sirloin steak I had at the Capital Grille steak house in Boston, that was rubbed with ground coffee and other spices and served with a shallot butter sauce. There was no distinct coffee taste, but rather the overall texture enhanced the other spices and overall flavor of the meat. It was the best steak I've ever had.

A few years ago, I recall watching with fascination as my friend's husband, Andrew, a Nantucket based chef, easily threw together a creme brulee and enhanced it with coffee flavor by simply swirling ground coffee into the cream mixture, letting it steep for a moment until he liked the color and then straining the grounds out. It was delicious and would be very easy to do.


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i ate at momofuku saam the other week and they have an amazing ham dish with red eye gravy... which we all know is made with coffee....

if you wanna bang out a very quick app... go buy some speck ham... or any kinda cured ham that you can eat sliced... (not prosciutto or serrano) and make a red eye gravy for dipping.. and roast some country bread over your stove... and you got a great snack!!

Here is their dish Momofuku ham dish



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Thanks, everyone for the suggestions.

I will certainly try some of them soon.

For the dinner, I have decided to prepare a Coffee-Cocoa Spiced Rack of Lamb that I found on Epicurious. (Kona Coffee Crusted Rack of Lamb was a close second - from The Food Network).

This will be part of a Coffee and Tea dinner where everything will be prepared with either coffee or tea.

The probable menu:

Espresso Cocktail

Tea-Smoked Duck Breast Toasts with Soy Ginger Mayonnaise

Coffee and Chestnut Pate

Tea spiced Pecans

Pear, Chevre, and Watercress Salad with Tea Vinaigrette

Coffee-Cocoa Spiced Rack of Lamb

Baby Root Vegetable Stew with Back Tea Prunes

Tea Scented Asparagus

Gateau Malakoff au Cafe

ChaIce Cream with Blackberry Coulis

Orange Cranberry Jasmine Biscotti

Tea Buffet - with individual tea pots (Assorted Loose Leaf Teas)

Recipes were garnered from several sources including Tea Cuisine, and A Little Coffee Cookbook.


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I just came up with a recipe for lamb rubbed in lapsang souchong tea ... will be serving it at a dinner soon, with a bit more lapsang steeped briefly into a lamb coulis-based sauce. The layered smokiness is delicious.

And I've had interesting (but not completely successful) results using earl grey tea in dessert sauces ... for the best attempt i infused it into a creme anglaise and served with a pear tart.

Of course there are bajillions of dessert recipes using green tea and coffee. You may have to serve a half dozen desserts (I can help you get rid of them).

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Chouffe Coffee is an amazing liqueur from Belgian made from distilled beer, grain alcohol, and coffee. It would make a wonderful after dinner drink.


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