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molecular gastronomy products


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ok friends im taking on a few new challenges in puerto valarta mexico and i am tryin to find a suplier of the products of el bulli or another similar product suplier

even a kit or something to get me started

ive tried twice to have products shipped out of the states and both times product was returned and not refunded :angry:

please help if you can

or even better if you know someonethat is comming down here a mule would be great

ive got a great meal free for the person who brings it to me

kind regards

bruce allan byng

teatro limon restaraunt puerto vallarta

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You can probably get some of the more common "molecular gastronomy" products from local health food stores, if you know of any.

Soy Lecithin and Xanthan Gum are both available from most health food shops. You can probably buy lecithin at nutritional supplement shops too.

Agar-agar is commonly used in Chinese cooking, so try a Chinese supermarket if you have access to one.

That's all I've got! Anyone else?

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So after hearing about it so much in school, I decided to do some research on it. I'm really interested in trying it out, but I called all over town to try and find the chemicals and no one seems to have them in stock. Does anyone know of a good reliable web site were I could get some chemicals for molecular gastronomy online that isn't to expensive?

Also I found out that I'd need to purchase a specific scale. I already have one for cooking and baking but I've been told for molecular gastronomy that it's best to have a scale that would not only be able to count for exmaple 1.0g 2.0g 3.0g but 2.3g 3.5g and I'm not sure were I could find that either. If anyone has any advice they could give me that would be great!

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L'epicerie has most of the stuff. Agar, gums, and other things you may be able to find at a local asian place.

Get a small, reliable scale that does at least 0.1g intervals, like a jewelers scale. No need to purchase a 5000g x 0.1g scale if you are using it for home use.

The techniques and reactions can be cool and good to know, but don't focus too much on them, basics of cooking are more important.

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La Tienda has a line of products linked to El Bulli. Never used them myself.

La Tienda Texturas

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The most cost effective approach to scales is to have a high capacity scale witn 1 gram resolution, and a low capacity pocket scale with 0.01 gram resolution. The little one is for gums or leavening or anything else that requires precision in small quantities. The big one is for everything else. This funny place is the best source for scales I've found.

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