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Masala Diner


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I was stopping by Whole Foods on Metcalf the other evening, and noticed that the Masalas Diner was open (in the same parking lot as WF). As soon as I got out of the car, the delicious smells wafting from their doors picked me up by the nose and dragged me in. It's actually a bit more upscale than the word "diner" lets on, but the prices are still fairly casual.

Lunches offer a buffet; evenings seem to be more of a sit-down deal, although it appears from their website (http://www.kcmasalas.com) that they'll have evening buffets for certain events.

The place was absolutely packed (and at least 3/4 of the clientele were Indian, which probably bodes well), yet I was seated quickly and my food came within a reasonable amount of time. Perhaps that sense of alacrity was aided by the complementary cup of tomato soup I was offered? It wasn't fabulous soup, but it wasn't bad either.

The vegetarian chickpea dumplings in a mild creamy yellow sauce over rice with snips of cilantro were fresh, hot, and delicious... nothing terribly spicy, just several light flavors melding together (I don't have a memory of the name of the dish; I asked the server to choose something they make that wasn't just regular run-of-the-mill Indian fare, based on things I told him I already liked. He did a fine job). Total was $11, although I didn't have anything but water to drink or any of the breads... really, this was unplanned. Next time, I want to try a bunch of things; either by going with a group and ordering many entrees to share, or doing the buffet (which looked huge).

Anyway... it's a pretty central spot that I'm sure many of you drive past often. I just wanted to put it onto your radar, and hear what kind of experience you had if you've been there.

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