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Cooking class in San Francisco?

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I've never taken courses at Tante Marie, but the school has a good reputation. http://www.tantemarie.com/index.html At the other end of SF from the Mission, but SF is a small-size city. A MUNI ride should get your daughter there easily.

I've taken many classes at Ramekins in Sonoma, and I can vouch for them. Does your daughter have a car to drive to Sonoma? It's a pretty drive after you reach the vineyards. http://www.ramekins.com/

I've also been one of Kasma's students, and I think her classes are great. However, her food is artisanal, traditional, authentic Thai food, the kind you eat in Thailand, and it is very spicy. Does your daughter like very spicy Thai food? JTravel is correct, Kasma teaches in Oakland across the Bay from SF. The trip is doable by public transportation, but a car would be most handy.

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I found Tante Marie outside of eGullet...and that's where she'll go. Looks good to me and the staff person I spoke to was very helpful on the phone. I've signed her up for a "Cooking from the Pantry" class and ordered their cookbook for her as well. I'm really excited about this (wish I was there...they have lots of interesting looking offerings), I hope she will be too...

Thanks to all.

Carlo A. Balistrieri

The Gardens at Turtle Point

Tuxedo Park, NY

BotanicalGardening.com and its BG Blog

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