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Boom Boom Chicken


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BOOM Boom Chicken

553 Main Street

Fort Lee, NJ 07024

Korean Fried Chicken.. Whats not to love.. One day I will crack the code on how to make this.. More like take the time to research on the internet.. But, my guess is there is a wet sort of wash that the chicken is dipped in.. Like a starchy slurry or mixture..

Either way, the chicken comes out hot, crispy, and just awesome.. I am not some Korean Fried Chicken expert but, I have eaten my fair share.. From Queens to The Dirty Jerz, I have hit up almost every spot there is..

This place rates better than some, and not as good as others.. One thing that I find so strange about these concepts are, most of them only serve one thing and give away some sort of pickled radish..

This is America and we fat Americans like sides and add ons.. Not just for the customer but, for your business model.. You have a customer, make some beans charge a 1000 percent profit.. What about some Kimchee, something else.. Like a simple rice cake and ketchup dish or something..

KFC has biscuits, they have corn, they have gravy or mash potatoes. they have lots of other choices.. What family is going to go sit there and only eat Fried Chicken.. Mom's want there vegetables for the kids.. Fries at the very least.. You already have deep fryers there.

This Chicken Place does have a Yogurt machine also and sells Pinkberry..

The spicy chicken was really good and surprisingly hot.. The mild chicken was kind of underseasoned and did not have much sauce to speak of..

Chicken preparation was fantastic, the flavors are little too subtle..

The battle of the Fort Lee Korean Chicken Places goes to Bon Chon in my book.

The inside is simple.. However they have two huge plasma TVs that jus show fried chicken.. Not the frying process, not the chickens, or the packaging, just pictures of the fried chicken.. Seems like a waste of a 7 grand to have those tvs there.


You can't see it but, off to the Left is a Jason Perlow review framed.. http://offthebroiler.wordpress.com/2006/11...m-boom-chicken/

Here is the chicken.. Or shall I say, we ordered everything on the menu:


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The Dirty Jerz is my way of affectionately saying New Jersey.. It came from a t-shirt I had in high school that was an old turnpike ticket that broke down each exit in Gangster Speak..

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I've gone to Boom Boom and also the Bon Chon on Lemoine Ave in Fort Lee and I must say I heavily prefer the bon chon... the chicken was juicier (it may have been the 2 times I went to Boom² though) and a bit more flavorful.

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