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Whitefish - help a rural boy know what to do

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I just came into 3 biguns and I know they're common out East, but I haven't found anyone who knows what to do with them.  My guess is that this is a remedial question :)

If what you have is at all similar to Great Lakes whitefish then it is somewhat bland. The good news is that means you can do pretty much anything with it. I like it pan seared with a sauce Grenoble.

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The label says: Neptune Smoked White Fish (white fish, salt, natural smoke)  so it looks like its already cooked

Oh that's a different animal altogether. I would flake it over top of a salad or have it with sour cream/fresh mayonnaise and capers on sliced French bread. Perhaps a little lemon juice.................

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Ohh, what a treat! Now you can make my favorite sandwich from Zingermans - #28, Randy's Routine:


"Zingerman's smoked whitefish salad, scallion cream cheese & tomato on pumpernickel bread."

Swoon :smile:

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