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Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence


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One of our guests left behind a copy of the 2008 Gambero Rosso guide, which I have been browsing through, especially interested to compare their ratings of restaurants which I have eaten.

In browsing through the top end, I came across the Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, which is rated at 93 points, very high on their scale, but with a fixed menu price given at 320 euro vini esci.

Now I have in the days of my indulgent youth eaten at some very expensive restaurants world wide, but I can't ever remember seeing one at this price, so I am really curious if any of the EG readers have eaten at this place and their opinions on the cuisine.

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with wine plan on about 500 Euro per person.

not a misprint.

one of the worlds best wine cellars.

food is 210 I think for the tasting menu plus wine.

if you do the pairings, that adds up.

I hear it makes a grown man weep... for the choices of wines.

Not much you can give a grown man to please him that much...

A bottle of great wine can be 250..

I have been once, and was taken there. may go back.. when I win the lotto!

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My wife and I had dinner there about 15 years ago. The food was outstanding. That said, it was the most pretentious place I have ever seen. We were seated in a room with all the English and Japanese speakers, and one under-dressed, young Italian couple. The servers were all very young and rather impersonal. No server ever carried more than one thing at a time, so if you ordered two of anything, they sent two servers so they could put them down in unison. We had a menu with a number of small courses. The highlight was when they brought us oversized plates with huge silver domes over them. After setting them down together, they lifted the domes and revealed a small piece of fish alone in the center of each plate. My wife and I could not help a small laugh.

They did not bring us the wine list with the menus- only a card with wine pairings. They were great wines, but unbelievably expensive. I asked for the wine list and they brought it. I thought it was odd I had to ask for it. The list was very large and had some nice wines that were reasonably priced, along with great wines that were not.

It was a very nice dinner. The food was inventive and delicious, even if the show was a bit much. I ordered an espresso that was almost thimble-sized, very good, and, if I remember correctly, cost the equivalent of about $15. It was a fitting end to the meal.

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Just a quick update on my recent visit… Nothing to “wow” about other than the price tag:

A Premium Wine Pairing of €10,000 per person and requires a minimum of 2 people!!!!


This artwork is interesting, illustrating a mouse on the right going through a maze for the cheese on the left.


But it’s more for show only.

Full Meal Here

Fine Dining Explorer


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