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Entertainment Weekly listing food books!?

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I've never seen EW list the top cookbooks/food related books before this week. That's interesting enough, but then to see so many molecular gastronomy or what I would consider higher-skill books is even more interesting. Who is buying these books? Are there more fanatics out there than I imagine, or are people buying these books because they're trendy?

Top 20 (taken from Kitchen Arts & Letters) in EW this week:

1. Alinea

2. A Day at elBulli

3. A Platter of Figs

4. At the Crillon and at Home

5. Frozen Desserts

6. The River Cottage Fish Book

7. The Colors of Dessert

8. The Flavor Bible

9. A16: Food & Wine

10. Charcuterie

11. Il Viaggio di Vetri

12. The Food of Rome & Lazio

13. Essential Cuisine

14. Molecular Gastronomy (paperback release)

15. Terrine

16. Pier

17. Logical Cuisine

18. Soup

19. In Search of Perfection

20. Milk

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I haven't seen the article in EW (although I do subscribe -- hey, I just get it for Stephen King's column). But I suspect the source skews the results a bit.

KAL is one of the great bookstores, but its location in NYC means it gets a high proportion of customers who are chefs or restaurant cooks, both those in the city and those who are visiting. So they probably sell more books aimed at professionals than the average BAM.

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